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Good Morning August 5

We are on vacation. It’s a time for a change of pace from the normal routine, to see some different areas, and to rest. We call it being refreshed. The idea is having a new start with fresh energy. This is good and we all need such time, but it doesn’t always mean having to get away for a vacation to some distant place. Paul wrote a personal letter to Philemon, a man he had met in his missionary travels. In it he asked for a favor, and used the phrase “refresh my heart in Christ.”(vs.20) Jesus is the true source of refreshment regardless of what outward activity is taking place. It is interesting to read accounts of active Christian men and women of a century or so ago. They would often speak of “going aside for a season of prayer.” That is the true refreshment of the heart. Vacation and changes in pace are needed, but it is those brief times of quiet, alone with the Lord, that give us the real strength and direction for life.